Only by grace!

The word grace is used in a multitude of situations. To talk about presidential grace or the case of a person meeting success in everything, state of grace, or to obtain somebody's mercy, to find grace to his eyes. We also talk about someone full of grace to indicate his or her charm...

Grace is one of God's attributes, rediscovered by Luther 5 centuries ago. It designates His kindness to all who deserve punishment. Freely, God chooses to show his favor to those who do not deserve it. What a gift! To know God's grace is life changing, like for Julie and Pierre who, when understanding it while reading the Gospel, cried out : "Such a burden just fell out of our shoulders!"
God does not make any difference between men: all, with no distinction, have sinned and have lost the glorious beauty God poured on Man. No one could pretend to be approuved by God or have access to His presence. This is why God grants us the possibility to be justified, that is to mean declared just, forgiven, graced.
How is it possible? Does God simply close his eyes on our offenses toward his justice?  No! It is made possible because Jesus Christ accomplished all that was needed to free us from our punishment. He took on him the punishment that our sins deserved. With the crucifixion, Jesus offered himself in sacrifice to purify us and to grant us divine forgiveness.

Who has access to that forgiveness? All who believe that Jesus died for them ! Amazing piece of news for anyone who knows himself guilty and recognize it!

For the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, France Pour Christ's team, thankful for God's grace, wishes to encourage the discovery or rediscovery of the precious message Luther transmitted.

Jeannot Gauggel